G-Sport Challenge #3: 'Company 5 Camp'

04 december 2021 done 💪

Paralympische medaillewinnaars Griet Hoet en Anneleen Monsieur en triple Challenge dagen bedrijven uit in de Company G-sport!🏅

G-SPORT Challenge #2 'Free the wheelers!'

By Joyce Lefevre - November 14, 2021 done 💪

Paralympic athlete Joyce Lefevre challenges you: join a colourful group of runners, Wheelers (wheelchair athletes) and Buddies (runners who push participants in a sports wheelchair) at the Sint-Niklaas Run and cross the finish line together with her! 🤞

Frans Claes Classic Challenge

11 November 2021, Mountain bike tour new

Join us on 11/11 for our Frans Claes Classic Challenge. Together we put his classic in the theme of global warming and COP26.

Triple Challenge Club

Every Saturday new

Come Buddy-run with us 🏃🏻‍♀️ and experience sport in a different, motivating way.

G-Sport Challenge #1 'Push Buddy!'

By Hannelore Vens, Oct 02, 2021 done 💪

Run as a buddy in 5h time 50km with a wheelchair, find 50 runners and wheelers to join you and raise at least 2,500 € for the purchase of G-sports equipment. 👊

The Launch Challenge

April 09 — May 02, 2021 done 💪

We have been sporting for a running wheelchair for the girls and boys of Ten Dries 🏅

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