Wattson Company 5 Camp

Autumn 2022 New Teambuilding

Our company challenge. Company teams compete in a unique pentathlon to win the Company G-sport annual trophy🥇🥈🥉

Push Buddy de Halve van Lievegem

2 oktober 2022 Teambuilding New

Bedrijfsteams duwen een genieter in een sportieve looprolstoel glunderend over de finish van de Halve van Lievegem

VDK Push Buddy Challenge

September 18th 2022 New Teambuilding

A team of VDK runs with a people with disabilities the ABSoluut Gent 10 miles.

Stad Gent Company 5 Camp

September 15th 2022 Teambuilding New

The officials of the city of Ghent go for it in their Company 5 Camp 🏅

Stad Gent Company 5 Camp

September 15th 2022 Teambuilding New

The officials of the city of Ghent go for it in their Company 5 Camp 🏅

Triple Challenge Club

Every Saturday Club Activity

Come Buddy-run with us 🏃🏻‍♀️ and experience sports in a different, motivating way.

Frans Claes Marathon Maniac

September 10th 2022 Everybody Done

Cycle the climate-neutral Frans Claes Marathon Maniac as easy as pie 🤠

Wielemie Team Challenge

September 4th 2022 Teambuilding Done

Experience a unique team experience as a sporty tribute to Marieke Vervoort. Together, push an enjoyer in a marathon wheelchair gloriously over the finish line.

Kliniek in transitie

August 20th and 27th, September 3rd Done Everybody

Revive invites Triple Challenge to set up 3 challenges for impactful sports. We do this on the temporary location of the former Sint-Jozef hospital.

Knesselare Koers

July 3th 2022 New

Free The Wheelers! Join a motley group of handbikers, wheelers, rollerblades and buddies at Knesselare Koers and cross the finish line 🏁

Company 5 Camp Spring Nocturne

June 23rd 2022 Teambuilding Done

The spring edition of our company challenge. Company teams compete in a unique G-sport 5-camp to win the Company G-sport trophy 🏆

Transalp Generation X Challenge

25 > 29 June 2022 Club Activity Done

With an epic alpine adventure convince Generation X'ers not to leave your sporting dreams in your bermuda trousers 👨‍🌾

IronMan Luxembourg Challenge

June 19th 2022 Club Activity Done

Club member and para-triathlete Bart Vandermoere is going for a top performance at the IronMan 70.3 Luxembourg 🏅

Pretty in Pink Challenge

June 11th 2022 Ladies Only New

Ladies, join your besties-team, colleagues or sisters in this cool, delicious, women's only outdoor event and support Triple Challenge Think Pink together 💋.

20 km of Brussels

May 29th 2022 Club Activity Done

Our club is doing an awareness buddy run at the 20 km of Brussels 🌱

Kaï's Triatlon Challenge

May 14th 2022 Done Club Activity

Kaï has one dream: to take part in a triathlon race and walk across the finish line. Supporter for our #triplechallengehero 🦸

Dominiek Savio Trail Run

May 7th 2022 Done Club Activity

Our Triple Challenge Club is putting this trail run in the inclusive spotlight 🌈.

Firefighters Ten Miles Challenge

April 24th 2022 Done Club Activity

The Antwerp firefighters run the AG Antwerp 10 Miles with 10 kids in a wheelchair 👨‍🚒!

TriToChange Challenge

April 23rd 2022 Done Club Activity

Kaï has one dream: to take part in a triathlon race. Supporter for our #triplechallengehero 🦸

Sfinx Ekiden Challenge

March 19th 2022 Done Club Activity

The Triple Challenge Club together with the caregivers of our enjoyers participated in the Sfinx Ekiden relay marathon 💨

Runners' Lab Half Marathon

March 13th 2022 Done

Join a colourful group of wheelers, buddies and runners at the Runners Lab' Half Marathon and cross the finish line!

Plog de Gent Trailrun!

March 6th 2022 Done

Take part in the ultimate eco-trailrun challenge: plog the Gent Trail run & 'Leave no trace' in the Gentbrugse Meersen 🌳

Cuvée Triple Challenge

December 2021 Done

As part of the Warmest Week, Triple Challenge is putting a final challenge on your end-of-year menu: the Cuvée Triple Challenge. Order delicious wine and support us! 🍷

G-Sport Challenge #3: 'Company 5 Camp'

04 December 2021 Teambuilding

Paralympic medalists Griet Hoet and Anneleen Monsieur and triple Challenge challenge companies in the Company G-sport!

G-SPORT Challenge #2 'Free the wheelers!'

By Joyce Lefevre - November 14, 2021 Done

Paralympic athlete Joyce Lefevre challenges you: join a colourful group of runners, Wheelers (wheelchair athletes) and Buddies (runners who push participants in a sports wheelchair) at the Sint-Niklaas Run and cross the finish line together with her! 🤞

Frans Claes Classic Challenge

11 November 2021, Mountain bike tour Done

Join us on 11/11 for our Frans Claes Classic Challenge. Together we put his classic in the theme of global warming and COP26.

G-Sport Challenge #1 'Push Buddy!'

By Hannelore Vens, Oct 02, 2021 Done Club Activity

Run as a buddy in 5h time 50km with a wheelchair, find 50 runners and wheelers to join you and raise at least 2,500 € for the purchase of G-sports equipment. 👊

Stoneman Taurista Gold Challenge 🏅

June 16th 2021 Done

First Triple Challenge in Austria: 4.500 altm, 135 km, 1 day 💪

The Launch Challenge

April 09 — May 02, 2021 Done

We have been sporting for a running wheelchair for the girls and boys of Ten Dries 🏅

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