We sport for Inclusion 🌈 — We sport for the Planet 🌳 — We sport for Good✌️

The Triple Challenge Club is our inclusive sports club. We set up club activities, train together and participate in sporting events. Everyone is welcome. We take into account everyone's needs and weaknesses. We take on challenges together. From exercising together in a fun environment to an athletic challenge at the highest level. We support and help each other to make every member realize her/his sporting dream goal.

We are the ambassadors of Triple Challenge and we stand up for healthy, inclusive and sustainable sports.

  • Type of challenge Inclusive Sports Club
  • Sport activity Club training sessions with G-sportsmen, participation in events
  • Participants Everyone is welcome

Would you like to join our club? 🏄🏾‍♀️

Send us an email and we will get back to you. We look forward to seeing you!

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For a contribution of €60/year you enjoy these club benefits as a member:

  • You can weekely exercise together with triple impact and can use our inclusive sports equipment.
  • You have free access to the available sports equipment such as walking wheelchair, trike (trendy three-wheel bike for everyone), mountain bike, all-terrain-bike, ... 
  • You are insured during all our trainings and events.
  • You enjoy discounts and sponsor benefits for our club members
  • As ambassador of Triple Challenge you will be the first to know about new challenges
  • You can start your own challenge.
  • You will get a unique and happy feeling at every training when you see what you mean to others during these training moments and when you achieve sporting challenges together.
  • For the young people (-18y) there is also a free drink can (0,5l) where you can put tap water in during workout.

Practical info about the planned Triple Challenge Club training sessions in Landegem:

Time: Weekly we sport on Saturday morning at 10h with the youngsters of Ten Dries
Meeting point: the parking lot at Ten Dries, Poeldendries 32 in 9850 Landegem

  • We run with young people from Ten Dries who take place in our wheelchairs and thus enjoy being outside together.
  • We take into account the participants and we adapt the pace and distance (it's a fun run).
  • You can participate 3 times for free in these club trainings. This way you can enjoy and find out if the club is something for you (we are sure of it 🥳). Afterwards we'll be happy to welcome you as new member and continue your workout with us.

And finally:

  • As well as the weekly group activities, you can also sport separately with the sports equipment available.
  • As our club grows, the more diversity we will have in the type of sport, distance and speed.
  • The Triple Challenge Club challenges sports events around inclusive sports and companies in fun but challenging activities.
  • We are open to new training opportunities.
  • Would you like to take on a challenge**? Then we will look at all the possibilities with you to experience that unique sporting moment.

Let's #SportForGood 🤘

What is holding you back?

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Club Challenges

20 km of Brussels

May 29th 2022 Club Activity Done

Our club is doing an awareness buddy run at the 20 km of Brussels 🌱

Dominiek Savio Trail Run

May 7th 2022 Done Club Activity

Our Triple Challenge Club is putting this trail run in the inclusive spotlight 🌈.

20 km of Brussels

May 29th 2022 Club Activity Done

Our club is doing an awareness buddy run at the 20 km of Brussels 🌱


Keep track of the latest challenges, conscious sports gear and planned events.

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