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#TripleChallengeHeroes go all out for connective sports. We want everyone, no matter which disability, to be able to realise sportive dreams and feel what good sports do to you. That is why we want to make all the sports challenges accessible to everyone. That is what we are truly committed to. Sport for yourself, others and a brighter future - welcome to Triple Challenge.

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Mobiele Fitness voor Iedereen!

Everybody Register Now!

Een unieke en inclusieve Mobiele fitness voor iedereen onder begeleiding van topatleet Gitte Haenen!

Wereldrecordpoging Buddylopen 🀩

29 & 30 juni 2024 Everybody Register Now!

Co-founder Wannes gaat de uitdaging aan om drie wereldrecords te vestigen in het rolstoelduwen om het belang van inclusief sporten onder de aandacht te brengen. Doe mee en steun Triple Challenge!

Beke Loopt ❀️

28 juni 2024 Everybody Register Now

Kom meelopen op de 2de editie Beke Loopt ten voordele van Triple Challenge en de Triangel.

Triple impact on the map

Declaration of the #TripleChallengeHeroes

Just do it, GOOD!


Every sporter should have a goal. A challenge to win. That’s the basics, right? First, set your sportive challenge at a pure, non-toxic level for your body and mind. And off you go…

Move EVERY+body,


Now think about how wonderful it must feel if you help others while training for your sport goal. So choose your social target, only by making others happy you will find your true bliss.



Air, that’s what we need when we sport. Good old oxygen. Set your eco challenge and give back that oxygen to our planet as a gift from you to the whole universe. Now that, my fellow athlete, is Triple challenge.


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