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Come Buddy-run with us 🏃🏻‍♀️ and experience sports in a different, motivating way.

Transalp Generation X Challenge

25 > 29 June 2022 Club Activity Done

With an epic alpine adventure convince Generation X'ers not to leave your sporting dreams in your bermuda trousers 👨‍🌾

IronMan Luxembourg Challenge

June 19th 2022 Club Activity Done

Club member and para-triathlete Bart Vandermoere is going for a top performance at the IronMan 70.3 Luxembourg 🏅

20 km of Brussels

May 29th 2022 Club Activity Done

Our club is doing an awareness buddy run at the 20 km of Brussels 🌱

Kaï's Triatlon Challenge

May 14th 2022 Done Club Activity

Kaï has one dream: to take part in a triathlon race and walk across the finish line. Supporter for our #triplechallengehero 🦸

Dominiek Savio Trail Run

May 7th 2022 Done Club Activity

Our Triple Challenge Club is putting this trail run in the inclusive spotlight 🌈.

Firefighters Ten Miles Challenge

April 24th 2022 Done Club Activity

The Antwerp firefighters run the AG Antwerp 10 Miles with 10 kids in a wheelchair 👨‍🚒!

TriToChange Challenge

April 23rd 2022 Done Club Activity

Kaï has one dream: to take part in a triathlon race. Supporter for our #triplechallengehero 🦸

Sfinx Ekiden Challenge

March 19th 2022 Done Club Activity

The Triple Challenge Club together with the caregivers of our enjoyers participated in the Sfinx Ekiden relay marathon 💨

G-Sport Challenge #1 'Push Buddy!'

By Hannelore Vens, Oct 02, 2021 Done Club Activity

Run as a buddy in 5h time 50km with a wheelchair, find 50 runners and wheelers to join you and raise at least 2,500 € for the purchase of G-sports equipment. 👊

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