Smells like teen spirit!

Kenneth and Filip have known each other since animals still spoke and Nirvana were still nerds. They don't like to admit it: they're not getting any younger. To keep their energy up they make sporting dreams come true. Not only does it keep the mind rock n' roll, the body reasonably trim and the blood vessels clean. They also experience unforgettable moments.

Generation X still counts!

With this challenge, they want to make a sporting statement: through their epic adventure, motivate Generation X'ers not to leave their (sporting) dreams in your oversized Bermuda body and to go for it. Just do it.

Plans were made this spring and the MTB Generation X Transalp became the challenge. 5 days, +500 km, 15,000 metres altitude: here we come...

5 days, +500 km, 15,000 metres altitude and beyond

Waking up Gen X'ers and catapulting their bodies and minds back to the 90s.

Zero emission transport 🚆 / only tap and well water / sustainable, organic sports food / No waste

"With this challenge, we want to motivate Generation X'ers to take on unforgettable, impactful challenges and think beyond that obligatory, midlife (half) marathon; who cares. Our generation is starting to fall apart. We must not let that happen. Getting out of our cubicles and taking on challenges gives us wings again. Plus, we'll give those Millenials a run for their money: smells like teen spirit 😜"

Practical information:

Departure Innsbruck railway station 🇦🇹
Arrival? Riva Del Garda 🇮🇹
Kenneth will cycle further to Lugano, Filip will cycle further to Venice and then jump on the train back home
When? 25-29 June 2022
What? **Self sustaining mtb 🎒 transalp trail

  • Type of challenge Mountainbike 🚵 backpacking
  • Sport activity Club challenge
  • Participants Duo team

Fancy taking on a Triple Challenge too?

Recycle those Crocks and join our Triple Challenge Club 🏄🏾.
Generation X is alive and kicking!

Join our club 🤘

✅ We got code green from the doctors!

**We cannot stress enough that you should never start your challenge unprepared. Good health and a balanced training schedule (and let yourself go once in a while 😇) are a must to enjoy your challenge.

We definitely recommend that you get a health check-up. That way, you can be sure that there are no serious illnesses lurking inside your body. Because as generation X'ers, we want to enjoy ourselves as long as possible, don't we?

If you want a quick and accurate scan of your inner health, we recommend Cardea's Inner Health Check. In half a day, you will receive a full body scan and health check-up. This gives you a quick and accurate insight into your inner health. And during the discussion afterwards, the specialist will explain everything and let you know if you get code green.





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