Kaï and his dream...

Kaï lives in the care home Ten Dries. He has one big dream: participating in a real triathlon race and crossing that finish line! Kaï has been an active member of our Triple Challenge Club since last year. Club member Wannes will join him and guide him through the challenge. Together they have been training intensively for months to take part in the Half Triathlon in Lievegem.

Half triathlon in duo 🦸 🦸🏻

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Climate-neutral sports in your own region, with the bike to the start (and back🤞)

Half Triatlon in Lievegem.
Kai's dream comes true!

For months now Kaï and Wannes have been preparing themselves for the triathlon competition of Bro.Go. Like real triathletes, they followed an intense training schedule and leaved nothing to chance. How did they manage?

Kai's challenge

Swimming 🏊

Kai can swim a little, but not enough to complete 1.9 km. With the help of a bellyak (a kayak on which you have to lie down) he manages. Wannes dives into the water and Kaï paddles along. The orange buoy is his anchor point. A guide follows them from a kayak.

Tandem bikes 🚴

The Belgian paralympic medal team Griet en Anneleen make their tandem available to our hero! Wannes is at the wheel and Kaï follows every movement Wannes makes. That is not so easy for Kai and we keep our fingers crossed that he can finish the 90 km🤞. They train hard and systematically build up the volume towards the race. After some solid training rides they reach an average of 30 km/h and a top speed of 44.5 km/h!

Running 🏃🏻

This is the toughest part for Kai. Walking is not so easy for Kai and he gets pain in his knees very quickly. Running a half marathon will not be possible. But they found a solution... Kaï jumps into the wheelchair that Wannes pushes and he runs 500 metres at the end of each lap. But our hero will certainly finish on foot and full of enthusiasm. Step on the gas Kai, you can do it! 💪

  • Type of challenge Triathlon in duo: swimming with Bellyak, tandem cycling and walking & pushing wheelchair
  • Sport activity 1.9km swim > 90km bike > 21km run
  • Participants Our hero Kai and his companion Wannes

Come and support Kai!

**One thing is certain. Our Triple Challenge Hero will melt your heart 🥰.
Encourage him and come and support him along the route, you will make him very happy!

Come and support? Below you can find Kaï's timing

Where? Durmstraat 68 Lievegemn, near the Duivekeet bridge

11h30: THE START: swimming (45 min)
12:15: change 1 (15 min)
12h30: start cycling (3h)
15h30: change 2 (10min)
15h40: start running (1h50)
17:30: FINISH!

You can find all information on the website of Bro.Go. Choose your best spot on the track to cheer him on 📢👇

Many thanks to:

Sport for Inclusion 🌈
Sport for the Planet 🌳
Sport for Good ✌️

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