Pedal for Good

Support the epic journey of 2 cycling buddy's Filip & Kenneth through the heart of Europe while supporting a cause. Our mission is to raise awareness and funds to facilitate the inclusion of people seeking protection.

We embark on an epic bike ride to support SOS Balkan Route. SOS Balkan Route is a humanitarian organisation from Austria committed to providing a dignified existence for refugees. They support Balkan Route refugees in every possible way.

🚴 Ride 1.450 km in 8 days

🙏 Raise € 1.450 euros support Balkan Route refugees. 1 km = € 1

🌳 Use our legs as a motor, no waste, we drink only tapwater, and use organic sports nutritions

Support us & Sponsor our KM's

🫶 Support the Balkan Route Bike Challenge by sponsoring our kilometers! Every kilometer we conquer represents 1 euro. Our goal is to raise € 1.450, symbolising the 1.450 km of our epic journey. With your support every kilometer counts and creates a positive impact for those seeking protection.

Thank you for supporting our SOS Balkan Bike challenge. By contributing to our mission, whether through donations or spreading the word, you support our quest for an inclusive world. 🌈

Our Balkan Route

We bike from Graz to Refugee Camp Lipa in Bihać, Bosnia Herzegovina, to plant our triple impact flag. Our Balkan route will take us further through Serbia and Hungary, covering an 1.450km in a mere eight days🤞

Our bike trip serves as a symbol of freedom, shedding light on the stark contrast between our European liberties and the struggles faced by refugees living in camps like Lipa, as we believe in the fundamental rights of every individual.

When? 22/06/2023 > 28/06/2023
What? Self supporting 8 days gravel bike challenge:
🚵 Day 1: Graz to Samobor - 181 km
🚵 Day 2: Samobor to Golubić - 160 km
🚵 Day 3: Golubić to Rosulje - 154 km
🚵 Day 4: Rosulje to Brčko - 163 km
🚴 Day 5: Brčko to Belgrado - 168km
🚴 Day 6: Belgrado to Baja - 233 km
🚴 Day 7: Baja to Balatonszepedz - 183 km
🚵 Day 8: Balatonszepedz to Waltendorf - 219 km

✅ Follow our challenge Click here to see our stages

Their Balkan Route...

In December 2020, the Lipa camp was burned down and thousands of migrants living there are now trying to survive by relying on the solidarity of the civil society and looking for makeshift housing nearby. A deportation centre with a prison was to be built in the rebuilt Lipa refugee camp in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

We are fortunate that, for the moment, thanks to the relentless efforts of SOS Balkanroute, the new Camp in Lipa will not be operated. However, our goal is to sustain and expand this positive change.

We call upon you to rally behind us, supporting our cause and these organisations striving to create a more inclusive society.

🇦🇹 The start of a meaningful journey in Graz

This Balkan Route Challenge is the start of our exciting new project in Graz. We believe in the power of unity, friendship, and the positive impact that physical activity can have on individuals and communities. We want to organise Social Bike Rides around Graz with and for new comers. Cycling serves as the perfect tool to push boundaries, initiate conversations, and foster a sense of empathy and belonging. We aim to bring people together, break down barriers, and create a welcoming environment for newcomers, particularly refugees.

Would you like to take part in this project?
Please send an email to Filip Bullens.




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