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As part of Warmest Week, Triple Challenge is putting one last challenge on your end-of-year menu: the Cuvée Triple Challenge! 💪 All proceeds will go towards our operation and purchase of sports equipment for people with a distance to sports. Thank you.

Exclusively selected natural wines, mocktails & kombuchas

This year, besides delicious wines, we offer you healthy kombucha and tasty mocktails to support our non-profit organisation.

What are we offering?

An exclusive wine package put together by vinologist and importer Joost Prové of Pro Vino Vero. Do you prefer à la carte? You can also order the bottles separately.
The Mocktail Club created some ready-made pure mocktails that should not be missing at your party!
The YUGEN kombucha is the best there is, pure nature and deliciously healthy!

The Pro Vino Vero exclusive wine packages

Vinologist Joost Prové from Pro Vino Vero put together 3 packages for us to choose from. Each package consists of 3 bottles of exclusive, natural wines: 1 bottle of sparkling wine, 1 bottle of white wine and 1 bottle of red wine.

Cuvée Package A 💜 : the dinner package for €30.

Prosecco Frizzante: Azienda Agricola Corvezzo - Veneto #04
Airen - Sauvigon Blanc 2021: Bodega de Pinoso - Alicante #08
Garnacha Tintorera 2021: Bodega de Pinoso - Alicante #07

Cuvée Package B 💜❤️ : the party package for €38.

Prosecco Spumante: Azienda Agricola Corvezzo - Veneto #03
El Jardin de La Emperatriz - Blanco 2020-2021 Hermanos Herniaz - Rioja
Montepulciano 2018: Cantine d'Orsogna - Abruzzo (Package B) #05

Cuvée Package C 💜❤️💚 : the Christmas package for €45.

Bakan Pecorino Brut: Torri Cantine - Abbruzi (Package C) #13
Pierre de Lune 2020: Domaine Nigri - Jurançon
Alges 2015: Clos Pons (Penedès) #09

Per purchase of 2 packages gets you a €5 discount.
You can also order the bottles separately.You also get 5 euros discount per purchase of 6 bottles.

For the wine lover: our vinologist gives a detailed description of each wine below.👇

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The Mocktail Club packages

The Mocktail Club created the first Belgian ready-to-serve mocktails! With the right garnish, you can conjure up a festive mocktail on the table in no time.
These mocktails are created based on fresh fruits and herbs. Bye bye preservatives, flavourings and refined sugars!

  • Discovery Box, 8 different mocktails 150ml in gift box € 45.00
  • Gift box, Basil & Elderflower 1l + Grapefruit & Vanilla 1l + 2 matching glasses in gift box € 50.00
  • Gift box, Beetroot & Ginger 1l + Lemongrass & Chili 1l + 2 matching glasses in gift box € 50.00

You can also order the bottles separately.

👉 When purchasing 2 gift boxes or 4 bottles of mocktail, you get a € 4.00 discount.

YUGEN kombucha packets

The YUGEN kombucha is an organically fermented tea drink, expertly brewed with potent herbs and pure juice to create wildly inspiring flavours. The kombucha contains only 3.8g of sugar or 15 kcal per 100ml. That's about a third of a regular soft drink. Just enough to give you a rich and balanced taste experience.

  • Gift pack consisting of 6 cans with 3 different flavours.
  • Mixed cans pack of 12 cans.
  • If you are a lover of 1 flavour then you can go for 12 cans of Ginger Lemon, Apple Mint, Grapefruit Hops or Pineapple Chili.

👉 You get a discount of € 4.00 per order of 24 cans.

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Pick-up points

Monday 19 December 2022:

Ghent East: Bedrijvencentrum De Punt, 17h00 > 18h00 (address: Kerkstraat 108 - 9050 Gentbrugge)

Tuesday 20 December 2022:

Ghent West: Officespace WATT The Firms, 17h00 > 18h00 (address: Nieuwewandeling 62 - 9000 Ghent)
Landegem: at Wannes, 20h00 > 21h00 (address: Grote Heirenthoek 51 - 9850 Landegem)

Thursday 29 December 2022:

Ghent East: Bedrijvencentrum De Punt, 17h00 > 18h00 (address: Kerkstraat 108 - 9050 Gentbrugge)

Home delivery + € 5

We can also deliver to your home. Enter your address in the orderform. Home delivery is by mutual agreement and can normally take place in 2022.

For the wine connoisseurs among us: the selected wines in aromas and colours.

Sparkling wines from our 3 packages

Prosecco Frizzante: Azienda Agricola Corvezzo - Veneto (Package A 💜) #04
" Striking about this frizzante is a very nice acidity, ditto citrus notes AND.... a very pretty bottle!"

In the Treviso countryside, the village of Cessalto is surrounded by the Piave and Livenza rivers. This region is known for its fertility from Roman times. The Corvezzo family's wine activities date back to the early 20th century. Current owner Renzo and his wife Miriam are assisted by their two children to develop the 140ha estate in the most ecological way possible. This sparkling wine underwent a second natural fermentation in bottle without the addition of a dosage, thus brut zero.

Prosecco Spumante: Azienda Agricola Corvezzo - Veneto (Package B 💜❤️) #03
"What I personally appreciate enormously about this prosecco is its fine acidity with vegetal notes. Naturally suitable as an aperitif, fish accompaniment and according to the winemaker: " Exciting with the sweet ham of San Daniele aged 30 months." Fine and delicious prosecco!"

This prosecco is made according to the Méthode Charmat. Méthode Charmat involves letting the base wine, created by a first fermentation in an open tank, undergo a second fermentation in an autoclave (closed pressure tank). This fermentation is triggered by adding yeast and sugar to the wine. Once in the glass, we see a beautifully brilliant wine with in the nose fine floral impressions of acacia, for example.

Bakan Pecorino Brut: Torri Cantine - Abbruzi (Package C 💜❤️💚) #13
Light colour, fine bubbles and a nice fresh filled taste of white stone fruit with a citrus zest adorn this Spumante.

Torri Cantine is located in central Italy between the Gran Sasso Natural Park and the Adriatic Sea. Its 60ha of vineyards stretch across the villages of Colonella, Controguerra and Torano at altitudes between 100m and 300m. Manual harvest and selection in mid-September. After primary fermentation - Inox 12°C - the Charmat method accompanies the bubbling process. This method is named after Eugène Charmat, a Frenchman who first patented it. According to many Italians, 'Metodo Martinotti' is a better name because Martinotti would have been earlier in deploying this method to make sparkling wine.

The mere presence of the highest concentration of parks and nature reserves in Italy makes Abruzzo a beautiful region. Situated between the mountains and the sea, it is a region amply endowed with medieval castles and frescoed Romanesque churches bathed in undulating natural beauty. The higher altitude of the vineyards means the grape's ripening stage is more spread out and harvesting tends to be later compared to other wine regions, adding to the complexity of the wine. Moon is made with Pecorino grapes picked in Pietranico in mid-September. Pecorino possesses nice acidity, making it perfect for making fine sparkling wine. The colour is bright straw yellow with a very fine and persistent perlage.

White wines from our packs

Airen - Sauvigon Blanc 2021: Bodega de Pinoso - Alicante (Package A 💜) #08
On the nose, the Airen takes the upper hand with a lovely fresh floral nose with accents of citrus and fresh green apple. Surprising fraîche and ditto acidity.

Pinoso is located in the western part of Alicante province at an altitude of 600m above sea level and is some 50 km from Murcia and Alicante. Main agricultural activities are wine, olive oil and almonds. La Bodega de Pinoso was founded in 1932 to give the village's winemakers a common vinification area. At the time, there were several vintners who were reluctant to invest in necessary innovation. Commercialisation could therefore be grouped together.

El Jardin de La Emperatriz - Blanco 2020-2021 Hermanos Herniaz - Rioja (Package B 💜❤️)

Today, Finca la Emperatriz grows Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano, Viura and Maturana. The estate has 2 "lines": the "Vinedo Singular", the Grand Cru's on the one hand, and the "El Jardin" line on the other. Made from 100% Viura, hand-picked, between 2 and 7 October. The must, obtained after gentle crushing in an inert atmosphere, is kept with pulp at low temperature for two days for better aromatic extraction. It is then removed from the lees by gravity and the clean must ferments at a controlled temperature between 15oC - 16oC. After alcoholic fermentation, the wine remains on yeast lees for two months. The aroma is floral and the taste dry, fruity, light and fresh with grapefruit-like nice acidity.

Pierre de Lune 2020: Domaine Nigri - Jurançon (Package C 💜❤️💚)
On the nose, we receive a bouquet of expressive fruits such as melon, mango, citrus "sur un fond floral miellé". Lies broad, blissful and supple on the palate. "La fraïcheur participe à la sensation de douceur". Blissful wine

Domaine Nigri has been around since 1685. The Lacoste family has owned this domain for four generations. The originality of these wines comes from the complex soil structure combined with the grape varieties typical of this region in south-west France. The grape varieties, Gros et Petit Manseng are harvested separately and vinified per parcel. This is to express the diversity of each piece of soil. The wine matures on sediment for 6 to 9 months to develop maximum aromas. The Jurançon is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, the Pyrenees and its southern exposure to high temperatures: i.e. enough sun for the ripening process and cooler nights that keep the acid balance right. Typical Jurançon wines have a golden yellow colour, very expressive aromas and a very nice underpinning of refreshing acids. Grape varieties used are 80% Gros Manseng and 20% Petit Manseng.

Red wines from our packages

Garnacha Tintorera 2021: Bodega de Pinoso - Alicante (Package A 💜) #07
Tempered spicy nose and a haunting blend of black fruit and spice that melds beautifully. Excellent entry-level wine!

Pinoso is located in the western part of Alicante province at an altitude of 600m above sea level and some 50 km from Murcia and Alicante. Main agricultural activities are wine, olive oil and almonds. La Bodega de Pinoso was founded in 1932 to give the village's winemakers a communal vinification area. The Monastrell, Garnacha Tintorera and Merlot were vinified separately to maximise the specific characteristics of each variety. The Garnacha and Monastrell provide the Mediterranean touch and the Merlot provides deep black fruit undertones. Thanks to cool fermentation, the tannins do not become too excessive.
Year after year, this wine garners fine qualifications. Guide Penin 89 ptn, silver medal AWC Vienna, silver star Ciudad de Estella, 3 star Premium Select Wine Challenge Prowein, silver medal IWG 2011, silver medal Millésime Bio.

Montepulciano 2018: Cantine d'Orsogna - Abruzzo (Package B 💜❤️) #05 .
Huge deep dark colour you can't see through. The nose gives deep red black fruit with accents of cocoa. The palate is almost impossible to describe: an intensely spicy amalgam of spices of all kinds, melded tannins and a delicious finish of almonds and cinnamon... a feast on the palate. Vino Vero!

Cantina Orsogna is located in the green heart of Abruzzo. This region lies east of Rome. This region is a combination of warm Italy and a high mountain range where the mountains are covered with snow in winter. Due to this exceptional biotope with many springs, the drinking water brought up here is one of the purest in the country. Monocépage Montepulciano grapes are very selectively used for a maceration of juice and skin for 14 days at 25-28°C. Afterwards, half of the wine matures for 4 months on oak and the other half on inox to achieve a nice balance between evolution through aeration on the one hand and highly concentrated fruit on the other.

Alges 2015: Clos Pons (Penedès) (Package C 💜❤️💚) #09
Refreshing wine that can convince with its beautiful red fruit, refined spiciness and suppleness.

The only appellation in the inland province of Lleida,around the Segre river. The wine region itself is a fairly recent creation, but there are a number of domains that were already renowned from long before the creation of this D.O. The soils are mainly poor granite or limestone soils with gentle relief. The area is the perfect transition from flat continental Spain to more Mediterranean Spain. Temperature differences day and night; cold winters and hot summers. Clos Pons is located in the Les Garrigues district, in the south of the province of Lleida. In 2005, the Pons family decided to acquire some vineyards, cultivate them ecologically and erect a truly magnificent building in harmony with its surroundings. The high altitude of the vineyards in this very hot and dry part of Catalonia makes it possible to make wines with good fraîche. Alges consists of tempranillo, grenache and syrah. Vineyards at 500m altitude. Harvested in 15 kg cases. Aged for 9 months 80% in French oak and 20% in American oak.

  • Type of challenge Weightlifting🥂
  • Sport activity Party tasting 😋
  • Participants The more, the better 🤝

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