Sports with your neighbours

Revive is a sustainable project developer that revives old, industrial brownfields and neglected sites in the middle of the city to create the green uban hubs of the future. Luke us, they believe that playing sports together creates a close bond. A sporty neighbour is better than a distant friend 😊. We were given carte blanche to organise 3 impactful sports moments. Come and join us and get to know each other in a different way!

3 days of inclusive and impactful sports with the neighbourhood

Motivate jong and old to participate and get to know each other

No waste and come climate-neutral to the events

A cool neighbourhood programme

  • August 20th 🌈 Inclusive bicycle tour
  • August 27th🧁 Coffee & cake brainstorm: exercise together as a single mum or dad.
  • September 3rd πŸ‘΅ Grandma & Grandpa rickshaw!

Below you can find all information about our programme. All activities are free of charge.

August 20th 🌈 Inclusive bike ride

On August 20th Triple Challenge vzw organises, together with Overloop, Revive and El Laboristo, an unconstrained and inclusive bike ride in the beautiful nature of Gentbrugge. Not to be the fastest, but to have the most fun. Cycling, laughing, chatting for everyone. Young and old, tall or short, less able to walk or less able to see? Cycle with us in your wheeled vehicle, scooter, cargo bike, rickshaw, tandem, handbike, mountainbike, racing bike, ... Ring, ring, who will ride with us?

Practical information:

When? September 20th, from 2 to 4 p.m.
What? A bike ride of 2 loops, together 25km. First loop starts at 2 p.m. and second loop at 3 p.m., so halfway we pass the start and finish zone, the Clinic in Transition site, for a 15 minutes break.

Start and finish: Kliniekstraat 27, 9050 Ghent
Bring your wheels, helmet and fluorescent jacket. Safe on the road together.

August 27th 🧁 Coffee & cake brainstorm: exercising together as a single mum or dad.

Are you a single parent and would you like to do sports but you can't manage because of all sorts of reasons? Then you have to come to our coffee chat. Because we are going to talk with single parent and come up with nice solutions to be able to sport together. So come and have coffee and cake and brainstorm with single mums, dads and kids. We want to come up with crazy ideas to find real solutions to be able to enjoy sports together! Just do it!

Practical information:

When? August 27th from 2 till 4 p.m.
Where? Kliniekstraat 27, 9050 Ghent, Overloop experience cafΓ©
What? Free coffee and cake to come up with a nice idea to exercise together as a single-parent family.

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September 3rd πŸ‘΅ Grandma & Grandpa rickshaw!

The residents of the residential care centre Ter Hovingen can enjoy a nice bicycle ride with the rickshaw. Triple Challenge provides a fun ride through the neighbourhood and wants the less mobile seniors to enjoy cycling and being outside. Ring ring, who wants to hop along?

Grandma, what is a rickshaw? It is a safe bicycle, specially made to transport two people in a comfortable way.

Practical information:

When? September 3rd, from 2 to 5 p.m.
Start and finish: at the back entrance of Ter Hovingen
Duration of the bike ride: 20 minuten
Registration: seniors can register through the residential care center

Would you like to participate in one of these activities?

Send us an e-mail and let us know which activity you want to participate in and with how many people. See you then!

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  • Type of challenge 3 days in motion for young and old
  • Sport activity Group activity
  • Participants Everyone is welcome


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