Successful first edition in 2021

In 2021 paralympic medal winners Griet Hoet and Anneleen Monsieur and triple Challenge challenged companies to participate with a 5-headed team in the Company G-sport pentathlon and to support G-sportsmen!

On Saturday December 4, 2021 three teams withstood wind and weather to put the first Company 5 Camp on their record. Teamwork, G-sport disciplines, perseverance, a healthy dose of competitive spirit and a lot of fun made this first edition memorable.

The winner is Wattson

Team Wattson NV became the overall winner! They took the Triple Challenge G-Sport Company Trophy to their office. Congratulations and respect to the fantastic Wattson company team! 💪

Made possible by:

G-Sport Vlaanderen
De Noordboom
LDV United
Paralympic team belgium:
Griet Hoet & Anneleen Monsieur & olympisch Coach Mieke Van Thuyne

Register your company and give your team a unique sporting experience. Moreover, with this meaningful challenge, you allow young people with disabilities to enjoy sport!

reserve your team ticket for 2022 💪

"When you take part in a race, you experience something unique. You train for that starting shot, you are encouraged by the cheers of the many supporters. You push yourself to that unforgettable moment when you cross the finish line. But this fantastic experience is not immediately available to people with a disability. With this challenge, you can do something about it".

Griet Hoet, paralympic athlete and medallist.

The perfect team challenge for companies in 2022

Record times were set! Wondering if they will be broken in 2022.
👉 Would your company like to participate in a Company 5 Camp in 2022? Let us know as soon as possible because there are still special sponsor conditions for bookings before January 2022 ...

Intercompany 5 Camps 2022

  • Saturday, May 7, 2022
  • Thursday 23 June 2022 (special nocturne!)
  • Thursday, September 15, 2022
  • Saturday, September 17, 2022

Dedicated Company 5 Camp in 2022

Would you like to set up your own pentathlon as a teambuilding event? That is possible too. Contact us and we will make you a tailor-made proposal.

💬 own company app for every team

Each participating company gets its own team app. Encourage your team members through the app, do meaningful employer branding, share your experience, see the scores, see your ranking, break records, ...

This is the Challenge:

🏃🏻 Sport Challenge: Win the pentathlon:

1. 200m tandem bike, 1 person blindfolded
2. wheelchair shot put
3. 100 metres of duo running, one person blindfolded
4. 400m relay buddy run
5. 100m wheelchair race**

And the winner will compete against the Paralympic athletes in the final 100m of wheelchair!

❤️ Social Challenge: Each company contributes at least €500 towards the purchase of walking wheelchairs that we make available to young people with disabilities. This way they can also enjoy sports and competitions. Come with as many supporters as possible, also people with disabilities are welcome as supporters/team members

🌳 Climate Challenge: Try to come to the event as climate-neutral as possible and sport with little waste. We will provide a tasty low impact food truck to take care of your hungry stomach afterwards.

Companies compete for the G-sport Company 5 Camp 2021 🥇

Each company contributes at least €500 for the purchase of walking wheelchairs for young people with disabilities

climate neutral transport, waste free exercise, drink tap water




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