Finish on the track / Dress code: colourful 💜 ❤️ 💚

50 wheelers & buddies take part in a sports event

Drink tap water & avoid waste. Car pooling or public transport

Paralympic athlete Joyce Lefevre challenges the Triple Challenge community and event organisers:

Joyce Lefevre:

This is your challenge: "Join a motley crew of runners, Wheelers (wheelchair athletes), Buddies (runners who push participants in a sports wheelchair) at the Sint-Niklaas Run and cross the finish line with me!"

*"It seems like a simple challenge, but due to obstacles we might get stranded somewhere along the way. Too many sporting events are still not accessible to G-sportspeople. This challenge is a pleasing cry for help to do something about it!

Walk, roll, roll with us. This will not only give G-sportspeople a boost, it will also be a real energy booster for everyone (with or without wheels). 💥


Challenge accepted!

With this challenge we, together with Joyce, want to wake up organisers to make sports events more wheelchair accessible. The Sint-Niklaas Run accepts the challenge! And if we reach the finish, Joyce's organiser will be the first to receive the Triple Challenge G-Sport Trophee! 🏆

What do you have to do? Start and finish in group on the Sint-Niklaas Run.
Who can participate? Anyone who wants to roll, roll or run to support G-sports.
Dress code: We want to stand out, come colourful! 💜 ❤️ 💚
When? 14 November 2021, start: 8:50. We may be the first to leave!
Where? Sint-Niklaas, the Grote Markt

I participate as a runner, wheeler or buddy in the Sint-Niklaas Run.

Use the voucher code Triple_challenge_SNR. You will then receive a 5% discount and we will know that you are joining us. It doesn't matter which slot you choose because we will all leave first at 08:50!

Sign up 👉 15 km Run / voucher code = Triple_challenge_SNR




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