The teamchallenge for the city of Ghent

G-sports 5 camp

Inclusive sports / come with your supporters / convince a team to participate

zero emission transport / low-impact food / tap water / eco friendly sportswear

The officials from the city of Ghent sport for inclusion 🌈

Triple Challenge challenges companies to a unique and sporty corporate event: the Company 5 Camp. Company teams compete against each other in a sporty and challenging G-sports pentathlon. We immerse the teams in the world of paralympic athletes. With 5 disciplines each team gets a feel for what it is like to experience top-class sport with a disability.

On September 15th 2022 we are organising an exclusive edition for the city of Ghent. The teams from Ghent will compete against each other in this unique G-sports 5-camp.

The programme

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Hannelore Vens, former swimmer on the paralympic team who also climbed Machu Picchu with Koen Wauters on two prosthetic legs, is their host. She will stand at the finish line with the stopwatch.

"Use your team strength and perseverance to set your best times. Just like in any succesfull company, blind faith and 100% team spirit are the engine of succes in this G-sports challenge."

Hannelore Vens

🏃🏻‍♀️The Sports Challenge:

Outperform the other teams in the 'Company G-sports 5 Camp'.
👉 400m tandem bike, 1 person blindfolded
👉 Wheelchair shot put
👉 100m duo run, 1 person blindfolded
👉 4x400m relay buddy run
👉 100m wheelchair racing

🌈 The Social Challenge:

Get as many teams together as possible and get loud supporters to provide wings in your G-sports team challenge. If you also let people with disabilities enjoy the event, you will score double impact points. And if you challenge other companies to join in, you'll get a leg up too.

🌳 The Climate Challenge:

Come to the event as climate-neutral as possible, get the most sustainable sports suit from your cloakroom and sport low-waste. We will provide local bio-superfood for all #TripleChallengeHeroes.

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Praktische info

  • Aankomst + onthaal
  • Installeren team- en supportersbox (op de tribune)
  • Verwelkoming C5C door Triple Challenge
  • Inspirational talk door paralympische guest
  • Warming-up
  • Company 5 Camp!
  • Netwerkmoment / prijsuitreiking


Wouter Weylandt Stadium, Frederik Burvenichstraat 262, 9050 Gentbrugge (de plek waar onze paralympische atleten trainen voor de volgende spelen)

Met hun deelname ondersteunt Stad Gent onze G-sport werking! #TripleChallengeHeroes

Have fun Ghentstars!

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Does your company also want to take part of this team challenge?

Join us and register your company for one of our company 5 camp challenges. Experience a unique team day and help build our impactful story. Because your contribution goes entirely to our inclusive (G)-sports operation.

You can choose from 3 dates:

👍 Nocturne on Thursday September 15th from 5.30 p.m. (still space for 3 teams)
👍 Saturday September 17th at 9.30 a.m.
👍 Nocturne on Thursday October 27th from 5.30 p.m. (space for 3 teams)

Participation: € 750 for your 5-person company team:

  • Participation ticket
  • Superfood
  • 15 drink vouchers
  • Unforgettable team moment
  • Team app
  • Triple challenge heroes t-shirt

Supporters: € 10

  • Tribune space
  • Unforgettable team moment
  • Login personalised team app
  • Drink voucher

Register your company now for this unique team experience.

Sign up as a company and give your team a unique sporting and educational experience.
In addition, with this meaningful challenge you can let young people with disabilities enjoy sports!

📮 Send us an email for all info.


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