The Antwerp firefighters run for inclusion

Forty firefighters went for this inclusive challenge: they challenged themselves and ran the AG Antwerp 10 Miles with 10 kids in a wheelchair! They swapped places to get all the kids across the finish line. Triple Challenge Club participated and assisted with advice and action πŸ”₯!

40 firefighters push at least 10 enjoyers and run the Antwerp 10 Miles πŸ‘¨β€πŸš’

Make it possible for 10 kids with disabilities to enjoy this sports event 🌈

Carpool and delivery of the wheelchairs by zero emission transport 🌳

A personal story

The story of this challenge starts with Sam De Pagie, firefighter and father of 3 beautiful daughters! His oldest daughter, Nette, has a disability which makes it impossible for her to ever run the Ten Miles herself. But Sam absolutely wants her to experience this sports event.

β€œNette has the mental age of a three year old. We can't prepare her properly for this event. We can only guess how she will respond. My wife runs along. She ran the 10 Miles more often than I did. If Nette can't handle the crowds, my wife can take over so I can continue the race with my fellow firefighters."

But Sam isn't alone in this situation. His colleague Tom Timmermans runs along with his niece Sarah. They participated already a few times in the 10 Miles. But this year they take this to the next level and go for this challenge with joined forces: push at least 10 children and youngsters with their fellow firefighters. Isn't this the coolest thing ever?!

Support their action!

Run for inclusion!

Sam's colleagues want to give him a shot in the arm and started a fundraising. For them it's the perfect opportunity to go the extra mile: they raised money for both ⭐️ Triple Challenge (we strive for inclusive sports and make material available) and ⭐️ the, an organisation that tries to create a better life for people with disabilities by minimizing the influences of their disabilities on daily life.

Sponsor their miles

Push them forward and donate a free contribution. The total amount will be devided in two equal amounts. One for each good cause.

Donations can be made till April 22th 2022
Bank account BE93 6528 4626 5367
please mention statement : 10MILES

Thank you πŸ™!

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"We will leave our intervention clothing in our lockers for this time and cross the finish line together at Linkeroever. A dozen other coworkers on the other hand, will run in the traditional way: with their intervention clothing. This time it's not about us, but about the children! "


Respect, good luck and enjoy!

Sport for Inclusion 🌈
Sport for the Planet 🌳
Sport for Good πŸ•Š

Encourage them and come to cheer!

Practical info:

Date: April 24th 2022
πŸ‘ from Start, Wave 1 - 13u30: Gloriantlaan, Antwerp (Linkeroever)
πŸ‘ to Finish: Gloriantlaan, Antwerp (Linkeroever) (Time: 2.15 hours)
πŸ‘ along the trail


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