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Would you like to set up your own unique team challenge for your employees?

Then you should choose your own G-sports pentathlon event. 6 teams of your empoyees compete against each other in our G-sports pentathlon with team building activities. And a motivational speaker/coach provides new insights.

  • Type of challenge Multisports
  • Sport activity G-sports pentathlon
  • Participants Employees from your company

A dedicated 5 camp

We translate our concept of the Intercompany G-sports pentathlon completely tailored to your company. We provide a customised programme, including a 'motivational keynote speaker'. This unforgettable team challenge brings your team members closer together. If you want to be even more meaningful, your company can add an extra social challenge. And the whole company can, both online and on the spot, motivate your 6 company teams to set the best times.

We also provide visibility on our socials and if you want to show off to your stakeholders, we will make an exclusive report about this team day!

The challenges:

πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ the Sports Challenge: 6 teams of employees competing for your own G-sport trophy

1. 400m tandem bike, 1 person blindfolded
2. wheelchair shot put
3. 100m dual run, 1 person blindfolded
4. 4x400m relay buddy run
5. 100m wheelchair race

❀️ the Social Challenge: By participating you support our G-sports activities and we can make adapted sports equipment available to people with disabilities. This way you give them the opportunity to also enjoy sports and sports competitions. Come with as many supporters as possible, and also give people with disabilities a place as supporter/team member!

🌳 the Climate Challenge: Come to the event as climate-neutral as possible and sport low-waste (You'll get a head start with extra points in the app...). A low impact food truck will feed all hungry stomachs after your sports performance.

An exclusive company 5 camp tailored to your company?

We are happy to make a proposal for your company.

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exclusieve teamchallenge app

Your exclusive team building company app πŸ’¬

For the dedicated challenges we provide a personalised company app with which you set up unique team communication that your whole company can enjoy and participate in.

"Encourage your team members through the app, engage in meaningful employer branding, share your experience, see the scores, show off your ranking, break records and so much more ..."

Your employees compete for your own G-sports 5 camp trophyπŸ₯‡

You support our G-sport operation with your registration

Employees opt for climate-neutral transport, waste-free sports, drink tap water

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Keep track of the latest challenges, conscious sports gear and planned events.

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